Excavation & Build of Outdoor Horse Arena


Co Monaghan


Trevor Johns

Description Of Works:

  • Site Preparation
    • Boundary of arena set out and excavation (removal of topsoil and vegetation) to expose subsoil.
  • Drainage Preparation
    • Levelling of arena with appropriate falls towards drainage area
    • Central channel collecting pipe installed running towards the discharge location.
    • Perimeter trench also dug to protect timber posts and provide a safe standing area.
  • Installing Drainage and Base Membrane
    • Once excavation and drainage channels were completed a membrane layer was laid to help prevent the intermixing of existing subsoil and the clean sub-base stone; whilst still allowing water to penetrate through the drainage channels.
    • Trenches were lined to help reduce the drainage channels from silting or blocking up from the surrounding sub-soil.
    • Before laying any pipework, we put a bottom layer of clean washed shingle then added the drainage pipe.
  • Installing stone drainage sub-base
    • We installed a subbase layer – consisting of a permeable layer of clean washed, frost resistant angular stone & gravel to aid the movement of water away from the surface, whilst also providing a solid foundation to support the layers above.
    • The subbase drainage layer exceeded the size of the arena to allow for water run-off beyond the arena which will help protect both the perimeter boundaries and fencing.
  • Fencing and gate specification and installation
    • The client opted to install a four-rail sawn post and rail fence design with kick/retaining boards at the base.
    • The corner posts were installed first by concreting in and measuring to ensure correct location.
    • Rails and retaining / kick boards were screwed to the inside of the posts to provide a softer internal line and to reduce the potential of injury to horse or rider.  Rail ends were alternated between rails, so the joints are not all on one post, to make a stronger fence.
  • Top non-woven membrane
    • Installation of top-woven membrane which provides excellent drainage and prevents the sub-base stone from migrating to the surface and upper surface from migrating downwards, clogging the drainage subbase.
    • We made sure was adequate overlapping and taped to prevent lifting.
  • Surface Installation
    • Installation of arena surface, started at the gate and worked backwards to prevent construction traffic running over the membrane.